A research project on security-usability.

Local User Centric ID Management -LUCIDMAN  .

The Lucidman project is terminated. The project period was june 2011-october 2013

  • Do you have too many passwords to remember?
  • Can you tell the difference between a real online website and a faked one?

The objective of the Lucidman project  is to investigate the security and the usability aspects for client side management of user and service provider identities.  The project will investigate an identity management model which can provide enhancements to security challenges associated with poor usability and scalability of managing identities on the client side.

Advances in security usability are important for:

  • The security of user credential systems
  • Combating Phising and MITM
  • Avoiding the reuse of passwords and password fatigue
  • Enabling users to build stronger trust to their online service providers