Project Team


The steering group.

The Lucidman Project steering group. Eric, Audun, Christophe, Knut Eilif, Petter and Cedric

Steering group: Eric Fouchard, TazTag SA, Audun Jøsang, UiO, Christophe Rosenberger, ENSICAEN, Knut Eilif Husa, TellU AS, Petter Taugbøl, Vallvi AS  and Cédric Ouvry, CEV SA

The project team:

more team members to be added soon 🙂

Dr Audun Jøsang, Institute of Informatics at UiO. Audun Jøsang joined Oslo University in 2008 and its Informatics Dep. in 2011. He has also been Associate Professor at QUT, research leader of Security at DSTC in Brisbane, Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He has a Master’s in Information Security from Royal Holloway College, University of London, and a PhD from NTNU in Norway.

Pr. Christophe Rosenberger (ENSICAEN – GREYC Research lab), Normandy – France
I am full professor in computer science at the ENSICAEN school of engineering in Caen – France. I lead the “E-payment & Biometrics” research unit in the GREYC research lab. My research activities concerns computer security and especially biometrics as an authentication method. I am concerned about security, privacy and usability in my research works.

Jerome Daveau, CEV ( Groupe Chèque Déjeuner ), Normandy (Saint-lô),

I’m both a Software Test Engineer and a Project Manager on loyalty programs for different clients (Energy: TOTAL, Business, Public Collectivities, Tradespeople Association) on payment terminals and Web platforms. I think it’s possible to create powerful softwares that hide technical complexities with an ease of use giving added value services to our final users.

Henning Klevjer, University of Oslo

Klevjer is a Masters-student at the Institute of Informatics. Klevjer’s field of interest is information security, and he is working on his Master thesis building on the research activities in the project. Klevjer is also already an active contributor to the Information security community in  Norway, through his own site,

Petter Taugbøl, Vallvi AS

Norwegian project leader. I have a  broad  experience from the telecoms and banking sector, and have since 1998 been involved in developing products and services related to online security and payment, for Ericsson, DnB  and Encap (founder).

Sverre Morka, TellU AS

Sverre Morka is a system developer at TellU AS.




Kent Are Varmedal, University of Oslo

Varmedal is a Masters-student at the Institute of Informatics, and he is working on his Master thesis building on the research activities in the project.